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Fleck Recruiting Earns Rival’s Praise

Posted On: June 11, 2017

  When Darrell Hazell was the wide receivers coach at Ohio State more than 10 years ago, P.J. Fleck worked for him as a graduate assistant. They still have a relationship while the two have moved through career coaching stops

Taylor: Wolves May Trade Draft Pick

Posted On: June 06, 2017

  Owner Glen Taylor told Sports Headliners his basketball decision makers are looking at a “scenario” where the Timberwolves acquire a veteran player by giving up their No. 7 pick from the first round of the June 22 NBA Draft.

Gopher DNA Deep in Dick Mattson

Posted On: May 25, 2017

  Dick Mattson lived for Gophers football. The Gophers were the only football team in town to “Matts.” Mention the Vikings and he might snort, or cuss. Bring up the Gophers and passion stirred in his mind, body, and soul.