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Look Out! My Best Golf Year Coming Up

Posted On: March 15, 2017

  They say it’s healthy to laugh at yourself. My theory is that’s why God gave us golf. For a long time I spent more hours on tennis courts than golf courses. When I started dating the woman who would

Opponent Gets Hype, But Gophers to Win

Posted On: March 13, 2017

  Jim Dutcher disagrees with those who think the Gophers, a No. 5 seed, are going to lose their opening NCAA Tournament game on Thursday to No. 12 seed Middle Tennessee State. The Blue Raiders are an upset fave after

Glen Taylor Unsure about Signing “Big 3”

Posted On: March 10, 2017

  The Timberwolves, led by a roster of players 27 years old and younger, could make the playoffs for the first time since 2004. Even casual NBA fans recognize the talent on the roster and the possibility of the team