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‘Chemistry Lesson’ Pays off Big for U

Posted On: March 03, 2017

  There are multiple ways to explain the dramatic turnaround in the Gophers basketball program. Talented newcomers, and skilled and improved returnees. Better leadership from the coaches and players. Even a lucky bounce of the ball, or a fortunate call from

U Recruiting Trying to Win West Division

Posted On: February 01, 2017

  National Signing Day is today and the Gophers won’t top the football recruiting rankings in the Big Ten West, but in the future they might be on their way to consistently being equal to or ahead of programs like Nebraska,

Najarian Put Fleck in Top List for U

Posted On: January 08, 2017

  Former Gophers football player Pete Najarian, who last year pursued the athletic director job at the University of Minnesota, has been following 36-year-old coach P.J. Fleck for three years. Najarian told Sports Headliners yesterday that Fleck was one of