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Wild Owner Praises “Special Team”

Posted On: May 01, 2022

  Craig Leipold has owned the Minnesota Wild since 2008. Before that he owned another NHL franchise, the Nashville Predators. “This is the best team I’ve had in 22 years of owning an NHL (club),” he told Sports Headliners. “It

Trade Kirk Cousins, Draft Matt Corral

Posted On: February 06, 2022

  Daniel House started a blog several years ago devoted to Vikings coverage and since then he has drawn a large following for his new age insights about Minnesota’s NFL team and also the Golden Gophers. House is a workhorse

Beat the Pack Sunday? Read Here

Posted On: November 16, 2021

  If on Sunday the Vikings can pull their season record to 5-5 with a home win over the 8-2 NFC North Division leading Packers, public momentum for sending Mike Zimmer to the unemployment line drops a few notches. If