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U Not Alone in Big Ten Rosters Shuffle

Posted On: April 14, 2021

  University of Minnesota basketball fans are alarmed to see eight players with remaining eligibility announce this winter and spring they won’t return for next season. While Minnesota’s total is worthy of headlines, other Big Ten schools have rosters in

Shama’s Changes to Speed Up MLB

Posted On: April 05, 2021

  Before any MLB baseball loyalists become cranky reading this column, let me be clear: I like the sport. It’s just way overdue for MLB power brokers to shorten the duration of games. The Minnesota Twins opened their 2021 regular

Twins Still in Win-Now Window

Posted On: March 31, 2021

  The Minnesota Twins open their regular season tomorrow (Thursday) in Milwaukee against the Brewers with a roster assembled to compete now and probably for a few more seasons. This is a veteran team with players that should be entering