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Vikings Implode Versus Winless Lions

Posted On: December 05, 2021

  “It’s kind of a scary game with all the injuries they have.” Those were the words of former Minnesota Vikings GM Jeff Diamond this morning. His words were prophetic after the Vikings did the improbable by blowing a 27-23

Diggs Deal Works Big Time for Vikings

Posted On: November 22, 2021

  There is no second-guessing any more about the Vikings’ March 2020 trade that sent veteran big play wide receiver Stefon Diggs to the Bills. Dissent was all but buried yesterday by the headline performance of second-year wide receiver Justin

Beat the Pack Sunday? Read Here

Posted On: November 16, 2021

  If on Sunday the Vikings can pull their season record to 5-5 with a home win over the 8-2 NFC North Division leading Packers, public momentum for sending Mike Zimmer to the unemployment line drops a few notches. If