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Rams’ Way a Potential Path for Vikings

Posted On: February 08, 2022

  The Rams play in the Super Bowl Sunday and are 55-26 during the last five seasons. Their front office uses an approach that could help the Vikings build their roster and elevate out of the mediocrity of recent seasons.

Trade Kirk Cousins, Draft Matt Corral

Posted On: February 06, 2022

  Daniel House started a blog several years ago devoted to Vikings coverage and since then he has drawn a large following for his new age insights about Minnesota’s NFL team and also the Golden Gophers. House is a workhorse

Bet on Jim Harbaugh for Viking Job

Posted On: February 01, 2022

  University of Michigan head football coach Jim Harbaugh will interview in Minnesota Wednesday for the Vikings’ job to replace Mike Zimmer. That meeting became public news earlier in the week and indicates how serious Harbaugh is about the Vikings.